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2013 Commute Club Fall Promotion

Manhattan and Kauai Turtle posters

Request these free posters (11.5" x 19")

Would you like to experience a better commute? Contact us. We would be glad to help transform your commute today. If you join the Commute Club, you could win a $3,500 vacation getaway, $1,000 spa or golf retreat, $500 holiday shopping spree, iPhone 5S, and more!

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Fall 2013 Commute Club Promotion

Join thousands of Stanford Commute Club members who are making a difference. Join the Commute Club or simply make a conscious decision to commute during off-peak hours whenever you can. Your contributions, large and small, can make a significant difference for the university, for your financial and physical health, and for the environment.

Join the Commute Club and receive the following:*

Plus, Commute Club members are automatically entered in weekly drawings from October through December (join by or remain a member through Dec. 6), offering these great prizes:

* Restrictions apply. Please see full eligibility requirements. Participants must live off campus, be on campus at least 20 hours a week, and work at a site that requires a Stanford parking permit to park (if employee), or be a registered student who meets minimum unit requirements. Evening- or night-shift employees and individuals who live on-campus are ineligible for the Commute Club. Employees: Be sure to get your supervisor's approval before changing your work schedule.

Permit-Return Promotion offers $100, $75, $50, or $25

Those who have a long-term "A," "C," or “MC” parking permit have four options to participate in the Fall permit-return promotion. In addition to up to $300 per year in Clean Air Cash or Carpool Credit, this promotion offers a "bonus" reward of $100, $75, $50 or $25 to eligible commuters for returning their long-term Stanford parking permit and switching to alternative transportation. A longer commitment provides a higher reward.

Visit the 2013-14 Permit-Return Promotion web page for details to participate.

Part-time pledge for those who have commuter permits

Not ready to join? You can keep your permit and pledge to use alternative transportation on a part-time basis through December 2013, and you'll be eligible to win great prizes: $1,500 grand prize, iPad mini, and gift cards!

Take the Part-Time Pledge by Oct. 25!

* Restrictions apply. Participants must be eligible for the Commute Club and must have a monthly, academic, or annual “A” or “C” Stanford parking permit (if employee), or be a registered student. Please see full eligibility requirements. Employees: Be sure to get your supervisor's approval before changing your work schedule.

“Imagine Your Getaway” Contest

If you are eligible to join the Commute Club (both members and non-members), you are invited to participate in our “Imagine Your Getaway” Contest. Let us know what type of vacation destination you prefer – city or nature – and you will be entered into our contest prize drawings for a $100 gift card of your choice. There will be three winners, and the drawing will be held on Dec. 11, 2013.

Refer-A-Friend Program pays $50

If you are a current Commute Club member, encourage your friends to join the Commute Club and our "Refer a Friend" program will give you $50 for each person you refer to our program. Restrictions apply, but there is no limit on how many friends you can refer, so start encouraging your friends to return their parking permits today. You’ll both win!

Comments or questions? Send email to

If you’re driving, Capri could reward your off-peak driving or bike and walk commutes

Capri (Congestion And Parking Relief Incentives) is a Stanford research and incentive program designed to reward university commuters for shifting their driving commute away from peak times or biking and walking for their commutes.

Commuters with Stanford parking permits can sign up for Capri, then avoid main campus vehicle arrivals between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. and departures between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. Each arrival or departure in the one-hour period before or after the peak times receives credit. Commuters can also earn credits by biking and walking to or from campus.

Redeem credits by playing an online game, which offers multiple chances to win $1 to $50. Learn more and enroll in Capri.

Resident Student Pledge

Resident students may participate in the Fall 2013 Promotion by taking the Resident Student Pledge. Pledge to avoid driving alone during peak afternoon commute times through December 2013. Peak times to avoid are main campus departures from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Prizes include an iPad mini and $100 gift cards. The pledge closes on Oct. 25, so pledge today if you can.

Take the Resident Student Pledge