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Freshman Emergency Ride Home

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The program is open to freshmen students only due to freshman parking restrictions at Stanford. The intent of the Freshman Emergency Ride Home program is to provide freshmen a ride home to campus if they are caught without a ride or in an emergency. You're allowed three free rides per academic year.

  1. Register for the program. Sign up online or return the completed application form (PDF, 400 KB) to P&TS.
  2. When you need a ride, call Yellow Cab of Palo Alto at 650-321-1234 or toll-free at 888-512-1234. Tell them your name and that you are registered with the Stanford Freshman Emergency Ride Home program. Give them the account number 300-350, your pick-up location, on-campus destination, and nature of the emergency. After they verify your information, they'll pick you up.
  3. Wait for cab. Do not keep the cab driver waiting (you pay for wait time if you are not there when they show up). They'll take you back to campus. Please note that the program does not cover driver gratuities.

In order to qualify for a free ride, you must:

What is a "covered need"?

What is NOT a "covered need"?