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Summary of Programs

Alternative Transportation/
Transportation Demand Management Program at Stanford University

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Commute Club (for individuals agreeing not to drive alone to work)

Marguerite Shuttle

  • Free, comprehensive campus shuttle system, open to the public
  • Connects with local transit and Caltrain (as well as shopping and dining options)
  • Midnight Express--night safety service
  • New buses running on biodiesel fuel
  • Automated Transportation Management System, with real-time information on the web

Eco Pass/Go Pass

  • Free use of VTA buses and light rail, Dumbarton Express, Highway 17 Express, Monterey-San Jose Express, and Caltrain by eligible Stanford employees

Line U Stanford Express

  • Free use of East Bay express bus that connects BART and ACE train to Stanford

Altamont Corridor Express (ACE)

  • Faculty, staff, and students receive a 50-percent discount on ACE train monthly passes or 20-trip tickets

Bicycle Program

  • Bicycle registration
  • Free bike rental and folding-bike promotion (limited time and restrictions apply)
  • Complimentary Mid-Peninsula Bike Map, as well as city and county bike maps
  • Clothes and bike locker rental/shower information and maps
  • Safety education program (Sprocket Man, helmet safety)
  • Dorm bike safety road show
  • Bicycle facilities development
  • Commute planning/cycling information
  • Liaison with campus Bike Shop
  • Bike light giveaways

Vehicle Rentals

  • Self-service, on-demand car sharing program with Zipcar, offering discounts and driving credit to Stanford affiliates.
  • Short or long-term car rental (through on-campus Enterprise Rent-A-Car office) with discounts for Stanford affiliates.
  • Both the campus Zipcar and Enterprise programs are available to faculty, staff, and students 18 years of age and older

Charter Bus Services

  • Group transportation services (conferences, teams, events, student activities, etc.)
  • On- or off-campus destinations
  • Online reservation system

Parking Program

Resources for New Students

Commute Planning Assistance

  • Need help planning your commute or one-time trip using alternative transportation? Visit our Commute Planning Assistance page to provide your origin and destination and other information, and we’d be happy to put together a commute plan for you.
  • We also can help identify alternative transportation options to and from offsite locations or for Stanford events.

Other Services/Options

  • Extensive P&TS web site, including a wide variety of service/information links
  • Transit pass sales (order ONLINE!)
  • Transportation literature
  • Flexible work options (staggered work hours, compressed work week, flextime, when approved by supervisor)
  • New employee orientation
  • Regular eUpdates to Commute Club members and parking permit holders
  • Alternative transportation promotional events
  • Online commute cost and carbon emissions calculator

** Also available to some individuals who are not Commute Club members