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Free and discounted Stanford transportation programs

We carpool. We love it!

For all Stanford affiliates

For eligible commuters

  • Free Caltrain (Go Pass), VTA (Eco Pass), and East Bay express buses. Free transit on Caltrain with Go Pass, and on VTA with Eco Pass (buses, light rail, and express buses, including Dumbarton Express) for most benefits-eligible employees. Also ride AC Transit’s Line U East Bay express bus for free with a Stanford ID.
  • Pilot Go Pass programs for off-campus graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. As of Sept. 1, 2014, eligible off-campus graduate students and postdoctoral scholars can purchase a Caltrain Go Pass, which offers unlimited travel on Caltrain between all zones for the calendar year. The pilot programs offer significant savings and are approved through 2016.
  • Commute Club. Receive up to $300 per year in Clean Air Cash or Carpool Credit plus other rewards by joining the Commute Club for free. Members must be eligible commuters (faculty, staff, students, and others) to Stanford’s main campus.
  • Zipcar bonus credit. Receive up to $102 per year in Zipcar bonus driving credit if you are a member of the Commute Club in addition to other discounts and promotions.
  • Receive $100, $75, $50, or $25 by participating in ourĀ Permit ReturnĀ Promotion.
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car vouchers. Request up to 12 free hourly rental car vouchers per year if you are a member of the Commute Club. All Stanford affiliates enjoy discounted rates at the campus location.
  • Folding bike free rental and subsidy. One week folding bike rental and $100 subsidy toward the purchase of certain models of folding bikes. Must be eligible for the Commute Club. All Stanford affiliates enjoy bike helmet discounts, free bicycle safety repair stands on campus, and free bike safety classes.
  • Free Emergency Ride Home program. Any Stanford commuter who uses alternative transportation may enroll in Stanford’s Emergency Ride Home program. Commute Club members are automatically enrolled. Pre-registration is required for commuters who are not members of the Commute Club.
  • Savings on transit parking and passes. Most benefits-eligible employees may request pre-tax payroll deduction for purchases of Caltrain parking and selected transit passes, which provides income and FICA tax savings on these purchases.
  • Stanford vanpool subsidy. Stanford vanpools enjoy a $300 per month subsidy per vanpool and free, reserved vanpool parking.
  • Daily parking permits. Commute Club members may purchase up to eight (8) daily parking permits (instead of six (6) for permit holders). Carpool members may request one free daily scratcher permit per month.
  • And more. Learn about discounted transit, bicycle safety offers, free commute planning and ride matching services in the preceding “For all Stanford affiliates” section.

Commute Club members receive a free membership gift

picture of bistro mug

Bistro mug

The mug is reusable, dishwasher safe, and Proposition 65 compliant. It has a custom imprint on both sides that says, “Stanford Commute Club * every trip counts.” Available in red (14 oz.) or black (16 oz.). View both colors.