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Take the Stanford Bike Safety Pledge

Whether you are a resident or a commuter, we want you to be safe whenever you bike. Take the Stanford Bike Safety Pledge today! Note: The contest to win a free bike ended on May 31 but you can still pledge.

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The Stanford Bike Safety Pledge

As a bicyclist at Stanford, I pledge:

  • To follow the rules of the road under the California Vehicle Code that apply to bicyclists;
  • To wear a bike helmet for every ride, even short trips;
  • To respect the rights of all road users, including motorists and pedestrians, in an effort to promote safety and generate goodwill.
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University staff/faculty/students: enter the number on your Stanford ID card.
Hospital employees: enter the ID number from your timecard or paycheck stub, not your badge number.
Distance you bike or plan to bike in an average day for your commute and/or around Stanford

Distance you bike or plan to bike in an average day for your commute and/or around Stanford



Congratulations to bike winner Vanessa Sochat!

bike winner photoBike Winner Vanessa Sochat (on right) along with lab mate Maude David celebrate Bike to Work and riding in to work this past May 8th.

“I bike to work everyday. I drive my car so infrequently that I have to remember to take it for silly trips once a month so that the battery doesn't die. I used to never wear a helmet until I had a bad crash on my bike, and of course now that has changed. I am so on board with the pledge!”

Vanessa is a PhD student in Biomedical Informatics in the Wall Lab. Her research pertains to the application of computational methods to multimodal neuroimaging, genomic, and behavioral data to better understand the human brain in neuropsychiatric disorder.

Stanford’s Bicycle Program thanks all who took the Bike Safety Pledge during National Bike Month. Thanks to the Campus Bike Shop for donating the bike for this drawing.

bike lane icon
Stanford's bike program coordinator with fellow bike commuters

These Stanford bike commuters wear a bike helmet for every ride and follow the rules of the road. Bike vests, helmets, lights and more are available at the Campus Bike Shop. Contact Stanford's Bicycle Program for bike safety information.