Bike to Work Day, May 8, 2014

Stanford celebrates National Bike Month in May

Over 2,000 bicyclists participated in Bike to Work Day

Thanks to all who biked or walked to work on Thursday, May 8! Over 2,034 bicyclists were observed at Stanford during the morning commute along with 133 walkers who officially signed in at one of the twelve Energizer Stations on or near the campus.

2014 Bike to Work Day highlights included below. May is National Bike Month so keep on riding and be safe!

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Bike to Work Day 2014 highlights

Palm Drive Energizer StationPalm Drive Energizer Station
Hospital Fountain Energizer StationSprocketMan greets riders
Hospital Fountain Energizer StationHospital Fountain Energizer Station volunteers
  • Among the more than 2,034 Stanford riders, 829 commuters reported their mileage, logging a total of 8,783 miles and averaging 10.6 miles per trip, doubling last year’s per-trip distance.
  • By biking instead of driving, these commuters eliminated an estimated 7,958* pounds of CO2 emissions on Bike to Work Day.
  • Increased riders by 161 from 2013; 4,964 more bike miles recorded this year from 2013
  • Over 50+ volunteers were on board to help this year with support from Stanford Public Safety.
  • Bike safety pledge: More than 420 Stanford bicyclists have pledged to wear their helmets and follow the rules of the road during the current Bike Month pledge. The deadline to pledge and enter the prize drawing for a free bike is May 31. Over 2,000 bicyclists have taken the bike safety pledge since the pledge started in 2010.
  • Number of walk commuters: 133
  • Prize drawing winners announced for the Bike Safety Pledge free bike, walking gift certificates, and department Bike to Work Day ride free breakfasts.

* The per-mile emissions factor used for automobiles is 0.411 kg CO2/mile (or 0.906 lb. CO2/mile). This is based upon an average passenger vehicle fuel economy of 21.4 mpg (2011) figure from U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics).

Participation totals for 2014

Locations Total Riders University and Hospital subtotals Riders who recorded miles Miles Avg. Trip Walkers
White Plaza 99   27 269 10.0 4
El Camino/Galvez Street 107   39 289 7.4 6
Campus Drive/Santa Teresa 67   30 469.2 15.6 2
Palm Drive 585   227 3303.3 14.6 40
Serra Street/El Camino 327   63 347 5.5 12
Clark Center/Dean's Lawn 169   123 881 7.2 23
Escondido at Comstock 179   41 336 8.2 3
SLAC 167   71 962 13.5 13
Stanford Hospital Fountain 157   132 1065.5 8.1 27
LPCH Falk Lot 93   34 343.4 10.1 3
Bohannon 14          
Redwood City 70   30 518 17.3  
Embarcadero 16   12 153 12.75  
TOTAL STANFORD   2034 829 8783.4 10.6 133

Why Bike To Work?

  • Almost 40 percent of Bay Area commuters live within five miles of their workplace, a distance considered ideal for bicycle commuting.
  • If every person living this close to their workplace pedaled to work on Bike to Work Day, more than 60,000 vehicles would be off the road, reducing tailpipe emissions by more than 150,000 pounds.
  • Bicycling or walking could save both emissions and expenses. Try our Commute Cost and Carbon Emissions Calculator for your savings.

Be Safe Riding and Walking To Work

Breezer Downtown EX bike
Breezer Downtown EX

Share your department’s Bike to Work Day ride—win a free breakfast!

department bike ride
Freidenrich Center for Translational Research (FCTR) team won the 2013 Bike to Work Ride Department Breakfast!

Share your department’s team spirit and how you rally colleagues to ride during May, National Bike Month, or on Bike to Work Day, May 8. We have heard stories of both short and long rides, some from as far away as San Francisco and beyond. The information will help foster new programs, gather information on bike-friendly departments, and inspire all of us to ride more and drive less when we can.

Log your ride by May 23 to be entered into the drawing. Luck of the draw will award a free* breakfast to the winning department.

*Breakfast limited to budget capacity and our vendor selection, must be redeemed by June 30, 2014

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Thanks to the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition who oversees Bike to Work Day in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties and to, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Kaiser Permanente who provide funding.

For more information on Stanford's bicycle program and bike safety, visit the bike program website or email