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Bus Advertising

Over 7000 riders could be reading your ad every day... Advertise in the Marguerite

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Bus Advertising Overview

Stanford's Marguerite shuttle offers interior bus advertising space to campus departments and offices. Interior bus advertising is a great opportunity to promote your department or office's products, events, and services. Advertisements on Marguerite shuttles are highly visible and a very effective way to reach the campus population. They are installed in up to 40 of our 43 vehicles and are present on all 15 of our routes. This exposes them to an estimated 6,000 daily student, staff, and faculty riders of the system who are a captive audience looking for something to read.

Advertisements are displayed for a minimum of one month and can remain up for an indefinite amount of time. Standard prices start at $225 for one month and are discounted for longer commitments. See below for full pricing information, signage and other details.

Interior Bus Advertising & Signage Rates

Duration Half Size
(18" x 11")
Ad Rate
Standard Size
(36" x 11")
Ad Rate
Double Size
(72" x 11")
Ad Rate
12+ Month Commitment $150/mo $250/mo $400/mo
9-11 Month Commitment $175/mo $275/mo $450/mo
3-8 Month Commitment $200/mo $300/mo $500/mo
1-2 Month Commitment $225/mo $325/mo $550/mo
Summer Quarter Special $175/mo $275/mo $450/mo

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Signage & Space Rental

  1. Interior advertising space may be rented by a department or office of Stanford University for a predetermined rate set by P&TS. P&TS will determine eligibility for all other non-Stanford departments, offices, businesses and organizations.
  2. Interior signage created for use in P&TS vehicles must conform to standards specified by P&TS. Non-standardized signs will be returned to the requestor.
  3. Signage may only be used for advertising a Stanford University product, a Stanford University service, or a Stanford University approved function. Signage may not be used to promote political, religious, personal, biased, slanderous, discriminatory, or inappropriate views and/or propaganda. All signage is reviewed by P&TS for approval in P&TS vehicles. P&TS reserves the right to refuse signage from any department, office, or other source.
  4. A sample (in printed or electronic format) of the sign to be published must be presented to P&TS before signage is accepted onto any P&TS vehicle. The sample becomes property of P&TS. Artwork must be submitted for approval at least 10 business days before installation date.
  5. Signage must be received at least five (5) business days before the start of advertising per the agreement in order to be installed for the date specified on the Bus Advertising Request (BAR) form.
  6. P&TS determines the location each ad is place in the bus based on availability.
  7. The renting department is responsible for reproducing signs that are vandalized, stolen, worn-out, or damaged due to the public, riders or natural wear and tear. P&TS will inspect signs on a regular basis and remove any signage that has become too damaged to remain in place, has been vandalized, or has become unsightly.

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Space Reservations

  1. Space rental requires a completed BAR form to reserve one or more spaces per bus. A minimum of one space per bus (currently a total of 32) is required.
  2. Reservations are made based on availability for monthly commitments to begin at the 1st of each month. Rates are recharged/invoiced on a monthly basis.
  3. A Stanford University department or office may opt to order ongoing signage. This means that signage will remain posted and the client recharged/invoiced monthly until the client requests the signs be released. Ongoing signage or any duration of advertisement must be specified on the original BAR form or a new BAR form to make changes to the initial agreement.
  4. Literature pockets for brochures and detachable "take one" information sheets are allowed to be affixed to the ads. Content must be approved by P&TS.
  5. The renting department is responsible for collecting their ads within 30 days upon conclusion of the reservation dates. Signs are to be picked up from the SFO Shuttle office at Parking Structure 5, 360 Oak Road, Suite 1, Stanford.

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Signage: Specifications

  1. The renting department is responsible for the design and production of their advertisements.
  2. All signage must conform to the following standards:
    »   Half-size: 18" (length) x 11" (height). Standard size: 36" (length) x 11" (height). Double size: 72" (length) x 11" (height). Remember that the top and bottom edges will be seated in a groove, reducing the height of visible artwork to 10½".
    »   Sign thickness:10 mil (can use 50# paper with 5 mil laminate on front and back of sign)
  3. A total of 40 advertisements (38 + 2 extra in case of damage or loss) should be produced for installation in all buses with ad space.
  4. Signage made by the requestor must be approved by P&TS. A sample (in printed or electronic format) is required prior to their release onto P&TS vehicles. The sample becomes the property of P&TS.

To maximize readability of text, use large type sizes. 100 points reads well; Try not to go smaller than 40 points.

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Interior Bus Advertising Billing

  1. Recharge billing/invoices are generated monthly after the close of the month.
  2. Expenses will be recharged/invoiced on the first month's billing cycle of the agreement (BAR).
  3. Interior Bus Advertising Billing questions should be directed to Danny Finale at (650) 725-4495 or email

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Pricing Structure

  1. Associated costs of advertising include a mandatory monthly space rental rate for each month in which service has been provided, based on the commitment period.
  2. Fees, rates and any other related expenses are subject to change with notice.

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Bus Advertising Request Form

Please complete and submit our online Bus Advertising Request Form to get started.

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