Bike Information & Resources for New Students

Bicycling is ideally suited to Stanford's mild climate and flat terrain. Riding a bike is the fastest way to get around—there is capacity to park over 13,000 bikes on the campus. You don't need a car. The Marguerite shuttle, Zipcar (car sharing), Enterprise Rent-A-Car and other options are available for trips not suited to cycling.

Bicycle Safety, Bike Registration, and How to Avoid a Citation

SprocketMan, ambassador for bike safety, with student biker
  • Follow all traffic laws. Bicyclists are expected to comply with the same traffic laws as automobile drivers and may be ticketed if they do not.
  • To avoid a citation, know the rules of the road summarized in our Bike Safety Flyer. To be a safe rider, be sure to stop at all stop signs, ride in the direction of traffic, use a light at night, always yield to pedestrians on shared pathways—and wear a helmet for every ride, even short trips.
  • Learn what others are saying about wearing a bike helmet on our "Love your brain" page.
  • Register your bike—it's $3.50, valid for up to 3 years and all new students receive a free bike headlight, rear strobe light and reflective legband.
  • Bike registration is required under the Stanford University Traffic and Parking Code.
  • Register your bike at our Parking & Transportation Services office Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., or at White Plaza on Fridays from 11:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. during the academic year.

Want to keep your bike? Lock it up the right way!

Photo of bicycles locked to bike rack
  • Lock your bike with a U-shaped lock, not a cable lock that can be easily cut.
  • Always lock your bike to a bike rack when possible; lock the frame and wheel to the bike rack.
  • Do not park your bike and block entryways or stairs or lock to railings; your bike can be impounded for impeding access.
  • If you lose your bike lock key, call the Campus Bike Shop at 650. 723.9300 to have the lock cut (for a fee).
  • If your bike is stolen or lost, contact Public Safety, non-emergency number, 650.723.9633.

Bike Resources, Events and Activities on Campus

White Plaza Safety Stations
  • Whether you are purchasing a bike or have a bike you need to transport to Stanford, the Campus Bike Shop offers convenient services. You can ship your current bike to the Campus Bike Shop or purchase a bike from them, and they’ll have it ready when you arrive.
  • Free Bike Safety Road Shows for your dorm or organization. Sprocket Man joins us to review bike safety tips, demo how to lock a bike, show proper helmet fit, and more. Includes free bike tune-ups! Book a show now: email
  • White Plaza Bike Safety Stations hosted every Friday at White Plaza, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. during the academic year.
  • Maintain a safe bike—check out one of seven Bike Safety Repair stands that have tools for self-service minor repairs and a pump to inflate your tires.

Alternative Transportation Information & Resources

Biker lifting bike onto bus bike rack