This article is no longer current. For the latest information, please refer to our "Transportation Updates for Escondido Village Residents" web page.



[Published Oct. 2016]

With construction of the new 2,400-bed Escondido Village graduate residences expected to begin during Winter Quarter, commuters and residents should anticipate the loss of more than 800 parking spaces in the area for the duration of the project.

Commuters in surrounding parking areas should anticipate higher demand for parking in their areas, as commuters who normally park in Escondido Village lots shift to nearby parking garages and lots, including the Knight Management Center Garage and Varsity Lot.

Once the construction fence is installed and construction begins this winter, all existing parking adjacent to the construction site will be removed, including parking next to Hoskins House, McFarland House, Blackwelder House, Quillen House, Studio 2, and Thoburn Court lowrise buildings 91-94.

Households in the EV area with more than one ES permit will continue to be allowed to purchase additional ES permits, as needed, through Jan. 8, 2017.  ES-permit holders should check back during Winter Quarter for updates. The ability to extend or purchase additional ES permits beyond December 2016 will depend on construction phasing. 


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