[Published Nov. 2016; Updated Nov. 16, 2016]

This article is no longer current. For the latest information, please refer to our "Transportation Updates for Escondido Village Residents" web page.

Escondido Village (EV) residents will find parking to be increasingly tight when construction begins for the EV Graduate Residences. Currently, construction is anticipated to start after the new year during Winter quarter or beyond. The exact date has not been determined.

Based on feedback from Escondido Village residents and further evaluation, Parking & Transportation Services (P&TS) worked in collaboration with relevant departments on an updated Escondido Village parking plan.

P&TS expects to meet the parking needs of EV residents during construction through utilization of remaining parking spaces within and around EV residences, conversion of parking spaces specifically for EV residents' use, and access to nearby parking as an option, if needed.

In partnership with R&DE, P&TS will continue to monitor the parking situation in EV as construction begins.  If parking is found to be insufficient to meet resident needs based on our observations, data collection, and feedback from residents, additional measures will be considered and implemented.

Key Points and Updates:

  • Parking availability in current 'ES' permit zone. 
    • Based on P&TS’ recent parking utilization survey, all current 'ES' permit holders should be able to find parking in the remaining 'ES' permit spaces.
    • More remote or distant parking (e.g., Searsville Lot and Roble Field Garage) should not be necessary for EV residents unless parking demand eventually outstrips supply.
    • Even with parking capacity identified within 'ES' permit areas, EV residents should anticipate that parking will not be as close and convenient on a consistent basis as currently is the case.
  • Conversion of parking spaces to 'ES' designation [map]. 
    • Up to 50 added spaces. P&TS plans to have construction materials removed from the Cowell Lot (L-65) and convert 'C/ES/EA' parking in the lot to 'ES'-only permit parking in conjunction with the start of construction. This will add up to 50 'ES' spaces.
  • Overnight use of ‘A,’ ‘C,’ and ‘Visitor’ spaces in Maples Lot and Knight Management Center Garage [map]. 
    • EV residents may park in the Maples Lot and Knight Management Center garage for overnight and weekend parking
    • Parking in these locations is available Monday through Friday after 4 p.m. until 6 a.m. the next day in 'A' or 'C' spaces and until 8 a.m. in 'Visitor' spaces. 
    • Parking is also available in these spaces on weekends—after 4 p.m. on Friday until Monday at 6 a.m. ('A' and 'C' spaces) or 8 a.m. ('Visitor' spaces).
    • Please note that events and games will restrict access to Maples Lot and Knight Management Center Garage periodically throughout the year. Please follow posted notices to avoid being cited or towed on event days.
  • Phased parking closures. Not all parking will close at once. The lots will be closed in a phased approach over several weeks and months. It has not yet been determined which lots will close first or over what period of time.
  • Return permit for prorated refund. We will continue to allow 'ES' permit holders to turn in their permits for a prorated refund if eligible or to stop future payments if enrolled in monthly credit or debit charges. 

Thank you to graduate students for sharing their concerns and providing suggested changes, which we have considered and, to a large extent, implemented. We want to reiterate that we will monitor the parking situation in EV as construction begins, and we will consider and implement additional measures as needed. 

We welcome your further comments, questions, or suggestions at transportation@stanford.edu.

In the meantime, please understand that construction schedules can change unexpectedly, and P&TS does not control the project or the schedule. We can only communicate based on the information we have at any given time. We will communicate expected closures in advance once we are informed.

For the latest information, please visit Transportation Updates for Escondido Village Residents. If you have questions or comments, please contact us at transportation@stanford.edu