[Published Dec. 2017]

San Jose vanpoolers enjoy a stress-free commute in good company

Eva Ramirez and her vanpool group have been riding from San Jose to work in the Grounds department since 2016.

Each member of the vanpool has a different reason for choosing this commute, whether it’s trying to reduce their carbon footprint, enjoying the camaraderie, or just saving money with the vanpool subsidy and up to $300 a year in Clean Air Cash.

For Eva, it’s hard to choose just one thing she likes about vanpooling: “I just love everything about it.”

There’s one thing they can agree on: The only thing better than a stress-free commute is a stress-free commute in good company!

For more about the San Jose vanpool, check out our profile on Eva Ramirez.

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Contact: Linda Heneghan at 650.906.2381


Pickups: Stops in Lathrop, Mountain House, and possibly Livermore/Pleasanton.

Schedule: At Stanford 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Contact: Gerald West at 650.444.8159

Central Valley

Contact: Tim Raby

San Jose

Contact: Victor Valdez at 650.444.7493 


Contact: Ken Moore


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Contact: Blake Fisher


San Francisco (Inner Sunset, Cole Valley, and Diamond Heights)

Contact: Emily Casperson


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Contact: Mike Rouan at 650.723.4242


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Contact: Amy Tang at 408.666.7890


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Contact: Regina Roberts at 831.251.5700


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