[Published Jan. 2017; Updated Jan. 2017]

You may have seen the notice about construction fencing going up around Escondido Village, which will begin this month. From Jan. 18 to Jan. 31, P&GE will be disconnecting gas service to the buildings planned for demolition.

Parking impacts related to this phase will be intermittent and isolated for specific portions of construction work. Residents will be notified in advance when they need to move their cars to clear construction work zones.

At this time, we do not have an estimated start date for more significant parking closures related to Escondido Village Graduate Housing construction.

Even though the work starting this month does not represent a major parking closure at this time, we encourage you to consider sustainable transportation options as an alternative to having your own car on campus. By planning ahead, you will be better prepared when more significant parking closures begin in the future.

If you need assistance with sustainable transportation options, contact us at commuteclub@stanford.edu.

For additional information and updates, please visit Escondido Village Parking During Construction on our website or the EVGR project website, where you can sign up for information updates.