[Published: July 18, 2019]

Please anticipate the following Marguerite shuttle re-routes as of Thursday, Aug. 1, 2019, on Serra Mall between Campus Drive East and via Ortega due to construction efforts to improve the safety of the Lasuen Street and Serra Mall roundabout, and the Serra Mall and Galvez intersection: 

  • Line X and Y 

  • Line C

  • SLAC shuttle

Marguerite re-routes

Line X

Line Y

Line C 

  • Line C and C Limited will be re-routed via Campus Drive East.

  • The following temporary stops will be added:

    • Roth Way at Lokey Labs

    • Roth Way at Lomita Drive

    • Campus Drive East at Arrillaga Center for Sports and Recreation (ACSR) 

    • Campus Drive East at Knight Management Center Garage

    • Campus Drive East at Maples Lot (L-93)

    • Campus Drive East at Sam McDonald Mall

    • Roth Way at Cantor Arts Center

    • Roth Way at Roth Way Garage

  • Line C schedule effective Aug. 1

  • Line C route map effective Aug. 1

SLAC shuttle 

Bicyclists and pedestrians will continue to have access to the intersection during construction, but they will need to follow all detours. We also recommend following the safety tips found in the right column of the HeadsUp website.

After construction, Lines X, Y, C, and SLAC will revert to their current routes on the affected Serra Mall section.  

Connecting to Line U, Line DB, and/or Line AE-F? 

Please keep in mind that you can catch your bus at Roth Way Garage and the Campus Oval (Palm Drive). 

  • Line U: Stops at the Campus Oval (Palm Drive), on Roth Way (near Campus Drive), and on Campus Drive (near Roth Way). 

  • Line DB: Stops at the Campus Oval (Palm Drive). 

  • Line AE-F: Stops at Roth Way Garage and the Campus Oval (Palm Drive). 

If you have questions about the Marguerite re-routes, please contact us at marguerite@stanford.edu.