[Published May 2018; Updated June 2018]

Please anticipate the following impacts on Serra Street between Campus Drive East and Galvez Street due to construction:

  • Marguerite Lines X, Y, and C will be re-routed starting June 18
  • Effective June 25, parking in front of Encina Hall will move to Galvez Street.

These changes are due to construction on Serra Street, and are in anticipation of the permanent closure of Serra Street between Campus Drive East and Galvez Street, which is expected to occur later in the summer.

After construction, the affected section of Serra Street will be converted into a pedestrian mall that will be closed to vehicular traffic with the exception of Marguerite buses. The mall is being created to improve bike safety in anticipation of more graduate students biking from Escondido Village once the Escondido Village Graduate Residences project opens.

Marguerite re-routes

Several Marguerite lines will be re-routed effective June 18 through late September. After construction, Lines X, Y, and C will revert to their current routes on the affected Serra Street section.

Line X (view current schedule)

Line Y (view current schedule)

Line C (view current schedule)

  • Line C will be re-routed via Campus Drive East and Galvez Street.
  • It will also run in the reverse direction through Escondido Village.
  • It will make the following stops on Galvez Street and Campus Drive East:
    • Galvez at Memorial/Galvez at Montag Hall
    • Galvez at Alumni Center (westbound only)
    • Galvez at Visitor Center (westbound only)
    • Campus at Sam McDonald/Campus at ASCR
    • Campus at GSB/Campus at Maples Lot
  • Line C schedule effective June 18 (PDF)
  • Line C route map (PDF)

Parking Impacts

Effective June 25, the following parking changes will be made to Serra Street due to construction in front of Encina Hall:

  • Thirteen (13) ‘A’-Carpool and one Vanpool space will be moved to Galvez Street
  • Two Zipcar spaces will be removed (alternative Zipcars located at GSB - Taube South and Knight Management Center Garage)
  • Metered visitor spaces in Encina Hall will move to L-79 on June 27 (15 spaces affected)

Affected commuters should consider the following parking alternatives:

  • Knight Management Center Garage
  • Maples Lot (L-93)
  • Varsity Lot (L-97)

For more information, please refer to our map of the area

If you have questions on Marguerite service or parking, please contact marguerite@stanford.edu or parkingoperations@stanford.edu.