[Published Oct. 2018]

Did you know that there are financial incentives for carpooling? Brian Canada, Parking Operations Coordinator, P&TS, was a drive-alone commuter for the past 10 years. That all changed when he heard about the advantages of carpooling with Scoop.

“As a long-standing drive-alone commuter, the first thing that drew me to carpooling with Scoop was the financial opportunity of earning $5 to $8 per commute trip as a driver. I was pleasantly surprised to learn about this benefit.” Brian said. “Looking back after a month of carpooling with Scoop, I would have to say that the personal interaction and new friendships are what I enjoy most about carpooling.”

Stanford employees who carpool with Scoop enjoy increased incentives or reduced rates thanks to a Stanford P&TS subsidy. Ride for as low as $1 a day or receive up to $12 a day as a driver for each carpool trip using Scoop. The subsidized rates help to reduce the cost of commuting and can be done whenever it works with commuters’ schedules.

Enter the giveaway to win

In October, any Scoop carpooler who takes a selfie while in a Scoop carpool has a chance to win a $200 Amazon gift card!

Here’s what to do to enter Scoop’s #ScoopSelfie and have a chance to win a $200 Amazon gift card:  

  1. Follow @takescoop on Twitter or Instagram.

  2. Post a selfie of your Scoop carpool (take selfies while parked, not while driving!)

  3. Caption your selfie with #ScoopSelfie and tag @takescoop.

You will then be entered to win one of five $200 Amazon gift cards. Scoop will announce the winners on Nov. 1.

What is Scoop?

Scoop is a carpooling app that connects you with co-workers and neighbors who are going to a similar destination for their commutes. Scoop is flexible. You can use it for one day or multiple days whenever it works best for you and your schedule.  Learn more about Scoop and other ride sharing options on our website, or contact us at commuteclub@stanford.edu.

Stanford Ridematching Option

If you prefer to match only with Stanford commuters, try our Carpool and Vanpool Listings page. You can view existing Stanford carpools and vanpools with open seats or find others who are trying to start a carpool or vanpool from your area. The Carpool and Vanpool Listings now have a search feature, so you can filter results based on commute origin and other criteria. To view a list of all current Stanford vanpools, visit our Current Vanpools page.


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Photo credit: Steve Castillo