[Published: May 14, 2020]

Caltrain’s Hillsdale Station will be closed for up to six months, starting Saturday, May 16, 2020. Caltrain service will shift to the Belmont Station, where parking will be free during the Hillsdale closure. Alternatively, commuters can park at the Hillsdale Shopping Center and take a free SamTrans bus to the Belmont or San Mateo stations, respectively. 

The closure is part of Caltrain’s and City of San Mateo’s 25th Avenue Grade Separation project, which will improve safety and traffic flow in San Mateo by separating the Caltrain tracks from the road. The project includes raising the Caltrain tracks, lowering the road, and building a new elevated Hillsdale Station, among other improvements. 

Caltrain service 

Caltrain service will continue during the closure, and trains that currently stop at the Hillsdale Station will serve the Belmont Station instead. Visit Caltrain's updated weekday and weekend timetables, effective May 16, on Caltrain's website.

The Belmont Station has 375 parking spaces and 18 bike racks. Parking will be free of charge at the Belmont Station until the Hillsdale Station reopens for service. Parking at the Hillsdale Station will close during the Hillsdale Station’s closure. 

Bus and shuttle service 

Please note that at this time a face covering is required when boarding and riding public transit. 

  • SamTrans bus service is free until further notice. On SamTrans buses, bike racks can hold up to three bikes. 
    • SamTrans ECR bus service on El Camino Real will be free of charge between Hillsdale and Belmont. The bus arrives every 15 minutes on weekdays. Parking at the Hillsdale Station will be closed during the station’s closure. 
    • SamTrans Route 292 bus service is free between Hillsdale Shopping Center and San Mateo Station.
  • Belmont/Hillsdale Shuttle will resume on May 18 and be free of charge. Although tickets or passes are required to ride Caltrain, passengers ride for free on the Belmont/Hillsdale Shuttle. The shuttle has the capacity to hold up to two bikes. 

Rendering credit: Caltrain

For more information, please visit Caltrain’s pages on the 25th Avenue Grade Separation project and the Hillsdale Station closure, or contact Caltrain at 800.660.4287 or SMGradeSep@caltrain.com.