[Published Oct. 2016]

Due to construction, parking for most of the Jordan Quad Lot (L-21) will be closed permanently starting Monday, Oct. 31. This will affect both ‘A’ and ‘C’ permit holders on the west side of campus.

The construction project is for a new ChEM-H/Neuro building for Stanford Chemistry, Engineering & Medicine for Human Health (ChEM-H) and the Stanford Neurosciences Institute.

Limited spaces adjacent to Pine, Birch, Oak, and Juniper Halls will be available during some or all of the construction. Spaces along the north end of the lot are scheduled to remain open for the duration of the project,  including disabled parking and 20-minute, motorcycle, and a few ‘A’ permit spaces. In addition, some C-Carpool, Service Vehicle, and disabled placard spaces on the south end of the lot are expected to remain open until January 2017.

Parking alternatives

Commuters should consider alternative parking at the following locations:

  • Via Ortega Garage 
  • Searsville Lot (L-22)
  • Stock Farm Garage and Lots (L-17 and L-18)

Replacement ‘A’ permit parking spaces will be added to Stock Farm Lot (L-18) and the fourth level of Via Ortega Garage. Commuters with ‘C’ permits who normally park in Via Ortega Garage should anticipate a significant reduction in available ‘C’ parking and identify alternatives.

    Roble Field Garage, expected to open in early 2017, will provide additional parking for commuters on the west side of campus. Until then, the majority of west campus ‘C’ permit parking will be in the Searsville Lot (L-22), Stock Farm Garage, and Stock Farm Lots L-17 and L-18. 

    Please see our map of the affected area for more information.

      Marguerite service to parking alternatives

      Current parking alternatives to Jordan Quad Lot are served by the following Marguerite shuttle lines.

      • Via Ortega Garage is served by Lines X/Y, SLAC, and 1050A.
      • Searsville Lot is served by Lines HD, SLAC, and VA.
      • Stock Farm Garage and Lots are served by Lines C and SLAC.

      Please refer to our map detail of the area or the full Marguerite system map (PDF) for more information. 

      Consider a sustainable commute

      Commuters are encouraged to consider sustainable commute options, especially during construction impacts. Transit, biking, carpooling, and/or vanpooling could reduce the stress and expense of parking and traffic.

      Stanford offers many incentives for eligible commuters, including free and discounted transportation programs.

      Photo: Steve Castillo
      If you have questions about sustainable commuting, please contact Commute Club or at commuteclub@stanford.edu. For additional information on parking closures and alternatives, please contact Parking Operations at 650.723.9362 or at parkingoperations@stanford.edu.