[Updated Dec. 2017]

All parking permit holders are advised to avoid utilizing the Knight Management Center Garage, Wilbur Field Garage and Roble Field Garage between Dec. 23 and Jan. 6. All cars left in these garages during the dates designated for garage cleaning will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

Residential permit holders with designations ‘EA’, ‘SO’ and ‘WE’ should move their cars before leaving for winter break. Commuters, motorcyclists, disabled-access permit holders and visitors should seek daily parking in other garages or surface lots.

Crews will use leaf blowers, street sweepers, high-pressured water, and steam to clean underground structures. Staff will also check that garages are up to code, including inspecting smoke detectors and sump pumps.

Bicycles left in bike cages will not be removed, but may be affected by cleaning activities.

Parking Area

Dates of Closure for Garage Cleaning

Affected Permit Holders

Knight Management Center Garage

Dec. 23 - Jan. 3*

‘A’, ‘C’, ‘MC’, ADA Access, Visitor

Wilbur Field Garage

Dec. 28 - Jan. 4

‘EA’, ‘SO’, ‘A’, ‘C’, ‘MC’, ADA Access, Visitor

Roble Field Garage

Dec. 29 - Jan. 6

‘WE’, ‘A’, ‘C’, ‘MC’, ‘EV’ ADA Access, Visitor

*Knight Management Center Garage was originally scheduled to reopen on Dec. 30, but the closure was extended to allow for transformer maintenance.

Please refer to our map of affected garages for garage locations.

Parking alternatives for ‘EA’-permit holders include:

  • Serra Street
  • Bowdoin Street
  • Escondido Road
  • Vaden Lot (L-61)
  • Wilbur South Lot (L-62)
  • Wilbur North Lot (L-63)
  • Cowell Lot (L-65)

Parking alternatives for ‘SO’-permit holders include:

  • Flo Mo Southeast Lot (L-40)
  • Robert Moore Lot (L-41)
  • Jerry Lot (L-42)
  • Knoll Lots (L-43)
  • 680 Lomita Lot (L-44)
  • Narnia Lot (L-45)
  • Kappa Alpha Lot (L-46)
  • Enchanted Broccoli Forest Lot (L-47)
  • SAE Lot (L-49)
  • Kappa Sigma Lot (L-51)

Parking alternatives for ‘WE’-permit holders include:

  • Searsville Lot (L-22)
  • Governor’s Corner South Lot (L-27)
  • Lagunita / Norcliffe Lot (L-29)
  • Lane L Lot (L-33)

Parking alternatives for ‘A’- and ‘C’-permit holders:

Most commuter and visitor parking areas, except those near the hospitals and the School of Medicine, will not be enforced. Commuters may use most lots as alternatives if they are displaced due to garage cleaning since parking enforcement during the winter closure will be limited. Please refer to our article on holiday impacts for more details.

Questions? Please contact Stanford Parking Operations at 650.736.7619.