Limited Marguerite and Transit Service

Stanford’s free Marguerite shuttle will offer limited service on Monday, Sept., 3, 2018 for the Labor Day holiday. All Marguerite service will be suspended, except the following lines:

Transit service elsewhere in the Bay Area will also be limited:

Limited Parking Enforcement

On Sept. 3, 2018, unless otherwise indicated, parking permit enforcement will be suspended in all 'C' and ‘Z’ parking lots, most visitor/meter spaces, and in most 'A' lots, with the exception of some parking facilities serving the hospitals and School of Medicine.

Parking will be enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in residential lots (except shared lots) and special zones, such as disabled parking, red zones, fire lanes, and special-permit-only spaces.

Parking at the Medical Center

'A' parking spaces, visitor/meter spaces, Service/University Vehicle spaces, and timed loading zones/spaces serving the hospitals and School of Medicine will be enforced during the holiday closure as follows.

Parking enforced during the holiday:

  • Hoover Pavilion Lot (L-1A)
  • Hoover Pavilion Lot South (L-1)
  • Quarry Lot (L-2)
  • Quarry Extension Lot (L-9)
  • Beckman/LKSC visitor Lot (L-15)
  • MSOB Lot (L-16)
  • Stock Farm Lot North (L-18)
  • Roth Way Garage (Campus Drive and Roth Way)

Please refer to our map of the area for parking locations and designations.

If you have questions on Marguerite service or parking enforcement, please contact or, respectively. Please note that the P&TS office will be closed on Sept. 3 for the holiday.