[Published: August 16, 2021]

As the Stanford community returns to campus, Marguerite shuttle service is being expanded to better serve their needs and align with Caltrain’s increased service.

To protect health and safety, face masks are required while on all Marguerite buses and in indoor transit stations and hubs, regardless of vaccination status. Masks are recommended in outdoor areas of transit.

The following Marguerite changes will go into effect as early as Aug. 30. 

Changes as of Aug. 30

Updated schedules 

Updated route and schedule 

Restored routes 

September Changes

The following routes and schedules will change on the dates indicated: 


Please note: All other current schedules are unchanged if not listed. 

Visit our website for real-time Marguerite information or download and use the ETA Spot app to find and follow where your bus is on the route.

For updates on protecting the health and well-being of Marguerite passengers and drivers, please refer to our Marguerite Safety Updates: COVID-19 page and COVID-19 safety tips for taking public transit.

To assist you in your return to commuting, we developed a Return-to-Your-Commute Toolkit.

While we are providing general information to help you consider your options, transportation is a personal choice. We encourage the Stanford community to assess and select the option(s) that best meet their needs.

If you have questions about riding Stanford’s free Marguerite shuttle, please contact us at marguerite@stanford.edu or 650.724.9339.