[Published: June 5, 2020; Updated June 11, 2020]

Marguerite changes will go into effect on Monday, June 15, including re-routes, limited service restarts, regularly-scheduled summer service adjustments, and schedule updates. The shuttle system implements changes each June to reflect summer service needs.

Re-Routes • Line X and Line Y

Line X and Line Y will be permanently re-routed along Campus Drive between Galvez Street and Jane Stanford Way. The new route will improve bicycle and pedestrian safety following earlier renovations at the intersection of Galvez Street and Jane Stanford Way. Three bus stops on Galvez Street will be permanently closed and four new stops will be added on Campus Drive to serve the updated routes.

New stops

Permanent stop closures

  • On Galvez Street at Montag Hall
  • On Galvez Street at Alumni Center
  • On Galvez Street at Gunn Building

Stops remain open, but will no longer be served by Lines X or Y

  • On Jane Stanford Way at Campus Drive
  • On Jane Stanford Way at Graduate School Of Business
  • On Jane Stanford Way at Burnham Pavilion
  • On Jane Stanford Way at Encina Hall
  • On Jane Stanford Way at Schwab Residential Center
  • On Jane Stanford Way at Manzanita Field

Limited Service Resumes • Line RP

Line RP, which has been suspended since April 20 at the request of funding partners, will resume limited service during peak commute times. Scheduled to align with Caltrain service, the route will provide eight bus departures in the morning and seven in the evening at the Palo Alto Transit Center.

Regularly-Scheduled Service Adjustments • Line OCA and Shopping Express

Effective Monday, June 15, Line OCA and the Shopping Express will be discontinued until the start of the next academic year, as they are each summer. 

While the Shopping Express is not running, the Shopping Express: Special provides limited weekend connectivity to and from the Stanford Shopping Center and San Antonio Shopping Center in Mountain View.

Schedule Update • Line RWC

Minor schedule changes will be implemented on Line RWC to sync with Caltrain’s latest timetable. Commute.org’s Redwood City/Midpoint shuttle continues to operate and provides peak-hour shuttle service. 

For information regarding Marguerite service changes made since April 1 and available alternatives, please refer to our Marguerite Service Changes: COVID-19 page

Our Marguerite Safety Updates: COVID-19 page includes the steps we have taken to protect the health and well-being of Marguerite passengers and drivers in response to COVID-19.

If you have questions or comments about Marguerite service, please contact marguerite@stanford.edu or 650.724.9339.