[Published Aug. 2018]

Commuters and residents: If your current parking permit expires on Aug. 31, please remember to renew your parking permit for 2018-19 (and beyond) by purchasing a virtual permit through our new online ordering system.

Commuters and residents can purchase virtual parking permits by entering license plate and other information for vehicles they plan to park on campus. Departments, vendors, and contractors will continue to use physical permits for an extended period of time.

About virtual parking at Stanford

As you may be aware, Stanford recently launched a new virtual parking permit system. With virtual permits, you will not need to come to P&TS to pick up your permit or wait for a physical permit to arrive in the mail. Instead, your virtual parking permit will be based on the vehicle license plate you enter in the P&TS system when purchasing your permit. Your license plate becomes your parking permit, and your permit will be valid immediately or for the date or time period you selected.

Join the Commute Club to save

Consider joining the Commute Club instead of purchasing a long-term permit. Commute Club members are eligible for great incentives, including these rewards:

Not sure you can commit to a sustainable commute full time? You can purchase daily permits for days you need to drive and still save money. Check out our permit cost savings table to learn more.

How to purchase a parking permit or join the Commute Club

Employees and students can use our online ordering system to purchase a permit, join the Commute Club, or confirm their Commute Club status. When purchasing a permit, users will be asked to enter their license plate information.

We have created how to” guides in case you would like to have step-by-step instructions on signing in to the portal, ordering a permit, and more.


Please note that you cannot purchase a permit online or in person until our system is updated with your Autumn Quarter registration.

For more information about purchasing a permit, contact transportation@stanford.edu. For more information about the Commute Club, please contact commuteclub@stanford.edu.