[Published Aug. 2018]

New members: join and save!

The new school year is a great time to try new commute choices. Consider opting out of a long-term permit and joining the Commute Club.

You can enroll using our P&TS online ordering portal. If you would like assistance with using the new portal, please refer to our “how to” guide for step-by-step instructions on signing up, or contact us at commuteclub@stanford.edu.

  • Receive up to $300 per year in Clean Air Cash along with other rewards if you are an eligible commuter who chooses not to purchase a long-term parking permit.
  • Find others to share the ride and form a carpool or free vanpool.
  • Enjoy a free ‘A’-Carpool permit (premium, reserved parking!) and free vanpool with five or more eligible riders.
  • Drive part time. Purchase daily permits for days you need to drive and still remain in the Commute Club. Check out our permit cost savings table if you were to buy eight daily permits per month instead of a long-term permit.

Commute Club and the virtual permit system

Ongoing memberships, no retroactive enrollment

P&TS recently updated its database as part of our transition to our new virtual parking permit management system. Under this new system, Commute Club memberships are ongoing.

Please log in to the new portal through the P&TS online ordering web page to confirm your Commute Club enrollment. If you are a current 2017-18 member, this means no action is needed on your part. If you are not a current member, your membership will roll over from year to year once you sign up. Please also note that retroactive enrollment is not supported by the new system and is no longer available.

Daily permits

If you purchase daily permits in the new system, you will need to enter the time period you want the permit to be valid. Since you must select the day you intend to use the daily permit, you will no longer purchase "blank" permits as you have with physical "scratcher" permits. Instead, you can either purchase a daily permit on the day you plan to use it, or in advance when you know the day you will use it. There is no limit in the system on the number of daily permits you can purchase, but if you exceed eight in any given month, you may find it more affordable to purchase a monthly permit. However, members will not be removed from the Commute Club if they purchase more than eight daily permits in a month.

For questions about the Commute Club or your sustainable transportation options, please contact commuteclub@stanford.edu or 650.736.9923.