[Published Aug. 2017]

For the latest information on parking designation changes related to the CAM project, view our Construction-Related Impacts page.

Construction of the Center for Academic Medicine (CAM) will impact parking designations at the Hoover Pavilion Garage and Lots 1, 2 and 3 on Quarry Road as of Oct. 2, 2017. These parking changes will affect commuters and patients as follows:

Parking area

New designation(s) as of Oct. 2, 2017

Hoover Pavilion Garage

‘C’-, ‘E’- and ‘Z’-permit parking only. Patient parking is unchanged.

Lot 1

‘A’-permit parking only

Lot 2

Visitor parking

Lot 3


The following are alternative parking options as of Oct. 2:

  • Hoover Pavilion Garage: ‘C,’ ‘Z,’ and ‘E’ permits only
  • Lot 1 (near Hoover Pavilion Garage): ‘A’ permits only
  • Roth Way Garage: ‘A’ permits
  • Searsville Parking Lot: ‘C’ and ‘Z’ permits
  • Stock Farm Garage:  ‘C’ and ‘Z’ permits
  • Stock Farm Lot (17): ‘C’ permits
  • Stock Farm Lot (18):  ‘A’ permits

Commuters with ‘Z’ permits: Capacity at Stock Farm Garage and the Searsville Parking Lot will be increased as of Oct. 2 in conjunction with parking designation changes at Hoover Pavilion Garage and Quarry Road Lots 1, 2, and 3.

Commuters with ‘A’ permits may park in Lot 1 adjacent to Hoover Pavilion Garage. Lot 1 will continue to offer valet-assisted parking when the lot reaches self-parking capacity. Please note that ‘A’ permits will no longer be allowed to park in Hoover Pavilion Garage, which will be designated ‘C,’ ‘E,’ and ‘Z’ permits only.

Please refer to the Stanford Health Care flyer for a map of parking options and designations.

Commute Incentives

Did you know that eligible commuters receive a free ‘A’ or ‘C’ carpool permit with reserved, premium parking until 10 a.m.? Five or more eligible commuters also enjoy a free vanpool.

Find others to carpool or vanpool by using one or more ridematching services:

  • Scoop. Match with other commuters in the Bay Area and take advantage of flexible, on-demand carpooling by using Scoop. Stanford commuters can sign up with code STANFORDU05 along with their Stanford email address to get $5 in free commuting. Download the app at www.takescoop.com.
  • Stanford Carpool and Vanpool Listings. If you prefer only to match with members of the Stanford community, visit our Stanford carpool and vanpool listings page.

Other incentives for sustainable commuting include free transit passes and up to $300 a year in Clean Air Cash for eligible commuters who join the Commute Club.

To learn more, please visit our Free and Discounted Stanford Transportation Programs page or contact the Commute Club at commuteclub@stanford.edu or 650.736.9923.

About the project

The Center for Academic Medicine will be a four-story administrative space primarily for clinical faculty, computational researchers, departmental administration and leadership. The project includes a three-story underground parking garage opening in 2019.

Photo: HOK San Francisco
For questions about parking designation changes effective Oct. 2, please contact Stanford Health Care Parking at 650.736.8000 or parking@stanfordhealthcare.org.