[Published: June 15, 2020; Updated Nov. 2, 2020]

JUNE 22 UPDATE: Please note that with parking enforcement set to resume on Wednesday, July 1, parking permits are now available for purchase in the online ordering system.

Parking permit requirements will resume at Stanford's main campus and Stanford Redwood City as of Wednesday, July 1.

Commuters and residents will be required to have a valid ‘A,’ ‘C,’ ‘Z,’ ‘C-SRWC,’ ‘MC,’ or resident parking permit to avoid citations. Please note that parking permits are currently not available for purchase in the online ordering system. We will announce prior to July 1 when the system is open to accept parking orders.

The decision to resume normal parking operations was made to support the gradual and phased return of members of the Stanford community to its campuses. Parking fees are key to effectively managing parking demand and availability. The reinstatement of parking fees will help us adequately administer the university’s parking supply as people return to campus in greater numbers.

What you need to know about parking on campus as of July 1

  • Parking permits are not currently available for purchase in the online ordering system and no action is required at this time for commuters and residents. We will announce when the system is open to accept parking orders prior to July 1, when parking permits are required.
  • We have developed resources to help you consider your options:
  • Department administrators are encouraged to reach out to their vendors and contractors to notify them, as needed, that parking permits will be required as of July 1, including for service vehicle spaces. Please also note that visitor parking will now be through the ParkMobile app, not pay machines, to increase customer safety.

Stanford’s Commute Club program is currently unavailable

Since many employees continue to work remotely on a part-time or full-time basis, we are unable to reinstate Stanford’s Clean Air Cash and Carpool permit programs at this time.

Stanford's commute incentive program is intended to encourage eligible commuters to choose a  sustainable commute instead of driving alone. While telecommuting helps to reduce trips and emissions, the program is not intended to provide incentives for full-time telecommuting. Since we do not have a way to determine levels of telecommuting among tens of thousands of individual Stanford commuters, we are unable to offer the Clean Air Cash and Carpool permit programs at this time. 

We have, however, continued to offer free transit passes for eligible commuters and Scoop carpooling app subsidies for riders and drivers. To learn more about your commute options as you return to campus, please refer to our Returning to your Stanford commute page.

  • Carpools: Free or reduced-cost permits and reserved carpool spaces are not available, but you may informally share the cost of commuter permits and expenses. To do this, one person purchases the permit and the carpool partner(s) split the cost of the permit and related commuting costs among themselves and not through the system.
  • Vanpools: We are developing updated processes for our vanpool program. We will follow up with vanpools next week and are asking vanpool coordinators to fill out this form as a first step

Contactless payment for visitor and hourly parking

As of July 1, most physical pay stations and parking kiosks will be taken offline to protect the health and safety of campus visitors by limiting interaction with frequently touched surfaces. Visitor and hourly parking will be available by using the ParkMobile app.

For information, please refer to our How to Purchase Visitor Parking page. Additional details will be shared with the campus community about the visitor parking transition prior to July 1.

We’re here to help

If you are thinking about resuming a commute to Stanford’s main campus or Stanford Redwood City, we have created a return-to-commute resources page to help you prepare.

If you have questions about parking on campus, please contact us at transportation@stanford.edu or 650.723.9362. For COVID-related transportation updates, please visit our Stanford Transportation COVID-19: Featured Topics page.

For COVID-19-related updates for the Stanford community, visit healthalerts.stanford.edu.