[Published: Aug. 26, 2019]

As a courtesy to our customers, our parking enforcement vendor was only issuing parking warnings the past few months to Stanford Redwood City commuters. As thousands of employees moved to Stanford Redwood City, the parking warnings provided time for staff to adjust to the new campus, their new commutes, and, for some, a new parking permit system.

Now that the moves are almost complete, we are providing you with a courtesy notice that our parking enforcement vendor will begin to issue citations as of Tuesday, Sept. 3, for any vehicle without a valid permit.

If you are unsure about how to purchase a permit, please visit our “How To” guides  for step-by-step instructions on signing in to the portal, ordering a permit, and more.  We can also provide one-on-one assistance. Contact us at transportation@stanford.edu or 650.723.9362, and we'll be glad to help.

Please note that citations are issued and processed by our vendor. If you do receive a citation, you can find information about paying for or appealing a ticket on our website.

Interested in reducing the cost of your parking permit?

  1. Join the Commute Club. If you are coming to SRWC only a couple days a week, you can join the Commute Club and purchase daily permits. Commute Club members receive up to $300 in Clean Air Cash, which can help offset the cost of daily ‘C’-SRWC permits. Visit our website for more about how daily permits can be a savings for Commute Club members.
  2. Use the Scoop carpooling app. If eligible, you can receive special pricing with the Scoop carpool app. Carpooling as a driver just a few days a month with Scoop could cover the monthly cost of a ‘C’-SRWC permit. Drivers receive as much as $12 per trip, and riders can ride for as low as $1 per trip thanks to Stanford’s subsidy. And it doesn’t need to be a full-time commitment. Scoop allows scheduling flexibility. Read our Carpooling with Scoop webpage to learn more.
  3. Save with pre-tax payroll deduction. You may be eligible to save up to 40% by purchasing your parking permit with pre-tax payroll deduction.
If you have questions, please contact us at transportation@stanford.edu or 650.723.9362.