[Published May 2019]

Stanford celebrated the Bay Area’s 25th Anniversary of Bike to Work Day on May 9, 2019, by kicking off our inaugural Bike-A-Palooza event on the main campus and our first Energizer Station at Stanford Redwood City!

Over 3,600 Stanford affiliated riders joined the event and stopped by a location on and near campus.

Energizer Stations

Riders stopped by one of Stanford’s nine Energizer Stations, where they were welcomed with cheers, snacks, and a Bike to Work Day tote. Thank you to our team of dozens of volunteers, who woke up early to join us! We couldn’t do it without them.

The Energizer Stations were co-hosted by Stanford University, Stanford Health Care, Stanford Children’s Health, Stanford Redwood City, and the Stanford Research Park.

Sprocket Man and Sprocket Women posing with a commuter

Bike-A-Palooza at Galvez Lot

At our inaugural Bike-A-Palooza event, held at the Galvez Lot, riders were welcomed with the special appearances of Sprocket Man (Andrew Meyer, Campus Bike Shop Owner), along with the first official debut of Sprocket Woman (Marianne Cowherd, 19).

As our Stanford Bike Safety ambassadors, Sprocket Man and Sprocket Woman help to promote bike safety and wearing a helmet for every ride.group of volunteers posing with Sprocket Woman and a bike

On May 9, the Campus Bike Shop provided complimentary bike safety checks, and we saw a bike rider towing two dogs in a bike trailer (with safety harnesses, of course) and a bike super commuter from Fremont, who rides every day on his electric bike. It takes him one hour and 10 minutes. He says that's faster than driving a car to work!

Stanford Public Safety joined the main campus event, helping to announce the Bike-A-Palooza location and encourage riders to take the Bike Safety Pledge by May 31 to be entered into a drawing to win a free bike.

Energizer Station at Stanford Redwood City!

This was the first year for the Energizer Station at Stanford Redwood City (SRWC). Volunteers greeted commuters with smiles, cheers, snacks, and a Bike to Work Day tote.

two bike to work day volunteers posing with bike to work day tote commuter talking with bike to work day volunteers at their table

Bike to Work Day volunteers at SRWC

Bike commuters being greeted at SRWC

Bike to Work Day ridership

We salute all riders who opt to ride a bike to work, including those who ride throughout the year. Every mile pedaled instead of driven reduces approximately one pound of CO2 emissions*.

Location Total riders per location
Galvez Lot: Bike-A-Palooza                                    753
Stanford Redwood City                                      31
SLAC                                    221
Total at Stanford campus locations: 1,005
Stanford Hospital Fountain                                      88
Stanford Children's Health                                      64
Stanford Medicine Redwood City                                      69
Palo Alto Tech Center                                      25
Neuoscience Health Center                                     59
Total at Stanford Health Care locations: 305
Stanford Research Park                                2,385
Total: 3,695

*The per-mile emissions factor used for automobiles is 0.377 kg CO2/mile (or 0.831 lb. CO2/mile). This is based on an average passenger vehicle fuel economy of 23.3 miles per gallon (2012) figure from U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

Photos at Galvez Lot: Christian Obando
Photos at Stanford Redwood City: Terri Flamer