[Published Oct. 2017]

This message was sent to Stanford commuters to provide resources in response to Spare the Air's recommendation that Bay Area residents reduce or avoid driving, if possible, on unhealthy air days. While other sustainable commute options are available, we focused on carpooling and vanpooling, since Spare the Air recommends limiting outdoor activities on those days. 


Dear Stanford Commuter,

Our hearts go out to those directly affected by the North Bay fires. As smoke from the fires affect air quality in the Bay Area, many are asking what they can do to help.

Reducing Driving 

The Bay Area's Spare the Air program recommends curtailing air polluting activities, including driving. According to the Spare the Air website, on-road motor vehicle emissions represent approximately 15 percent of the sources of fine particulates in the Bay Area. 

Ridesharing Resources 

If you are driving to Stanford and want to reduce emissions during unhealthy air quality days, consider carpooling or vanpooling.

Here are resources for ridematching services to help you find others with whom to carpool or vanpool, even on a part-time and temporary basis:

You may also be interested in the Spare the Air program’s Current Air Quality and Air Monitoring Data to inform your commute decisions.

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Please let us know if we can help with your commute options. We can be reached at commuteclub@stanford.edu.