We have launched a new Parking Permit Management System as of Monday, June 25. For those who need to place new parking permit orders or manage their Commute Club memberships, these transactions can now be done online in the new system.

If you have a valid physical permit, there is no action needed until it is time for you to purchase a new parking permit. For many commuters and residents, purchasing new virtual permits will happen in August or September.

Virtual parking permits for new permit purchases 

Now that the new system is available, here are some things we want you to know:

  • Only those who are purchasing new parking permits as of June 25 need to enter vehicle information and use a virtual parking permit at this time. Stanford employees and students should access the system using Stanford’s single sign-on process. If you are a Stanford employee or student and are prompted to create a new account, please close the browser and contact our office at 650.723.9362 or transportation@stanford.edu to resolve the issue. Only those who are not Stanford employees or students need to create a new user account, such as contractors, vendors, and others.
  • To assist you in using the new system, we are providing “How To” Guides on our Resources page. To learn what is happening with this change, please refer to the Stanford Report article, “Virtual Parking Permit System Coming to Campus.”
  • With virtual permits, you will NOT need to come to P&TS to pick up your permit or wait for a physical permit to arrive in the mail. Instead, your virtual parking permit will be based on the vehicle license plate you entered in the P&TS system. Your license plate becomes your parking permit, and your permit will be valid immediately or for the date or time period you selected.

For many customers, no action is needed currently 

  • All physical permits, including daily “scratcher” and department permits, remain valid through their expiration dates. If you have a physical ‘SH’ or ‘Emeritus’ parking permit, your permit remains valid through Dec. 31, 2018, so no action is needed at this time. If you need to cancel or return your physical parking permit, please come to our office at 340 Bonair Siding.
  • Stanford affiliates do NOT need to enter their vehicle information immediately in the new system if their parking permit is still valid. For example, if your current physical permit expires on Aug. 31, you can wait to enter your license plate and vehicle information when you purchase a new long-term parking permit in August or September.
  • Departments cannot purchase virtual permits at this time. Until Sept. 1, departments must come to the P&TS office at 340 Bonair Siding  to  purchase physical department parking permits. These include Service Vehicle ('SV') permits, Business 'A' permits, and department 'Visitor' or 'Event' permits. While physical department permits continue to be used through Aug. 31, we will be working to clarify and adjust processes based on questions and concerns we have received. We expect virtual permits for departments to be implemented as of Sept. 1. Updates to department parking permit processes will be posted to our website once they are finalized: How will it work for departments that purchase parking?

If you have concerns with the new system, please contact us

We want to work with you to ensure a smooth transition. Please be assured that we will adjust our processes to the extent we can to address your concerns. We can help you learn to use the new system in person at 340 Bonair Siding, and our staff can assist you in English or Spanish. We can be reached at transportation@stanford.edu or 650.723.9362. You may also want to visit our Parking Permit Management System site for additional information and resources, including Frequently Asked Questions.