[Published July 2017]

The upcoming total closure of the Thoburn Court parking lot will take place on Aug. 1, 2017. Residents are advised to move their cars before 8 a.m. to avoid citation and towing.

The majority of parking closures Escondido Village Graduate Residences (EVGR) project have already taken place, with the biggest impacts having gone into effect in May 2017.

Parking alternatives on East Campus

While parking is increasingly tight, parking survey data indicate that sufficient parking capacity will be available after the Thoburn Court closure.

Maps of parking options for ‘ES’- and ‘C’-permit holders, including recommendations for overnight and weekend parking, can be found on the “Maps of the EVGR Project” web page.

While parking is not guaranteed to be available, survey data indicate greater and more consistent availability in these lots:


  • Hulme Court
  • Olmsted Road Lot
  • Abrams Court


  • Wilbur Lots
  • Cowell Lot
  • Bowdoin Street

Evening and weekend parking

  • Maples Lot *
  • Knight Management Center Garage *
  • Wilbur Filed Garage *

*  Parking is available in these locations after 4 p.m. on weekdays until 8 a.m. the next day for ‘Visitor’ spaces and until 6 a.m. for ‘A’ and ‘C’ spaces. Parking is available at these locations on weekends.

Refer to the maps for 'ES'-permit and 'C'-permit parking alternatives.

Receive incentives and save by going car free

Concerned about where to park during construction? If you are able, consider going car free and joining the EVGR Car Free Club. Going car free doesn’t mean giving up driving. You can still access vehicles through these on-campus options:

  • Zipcar at Stanford. On-demand car sharing is conveniently located on campus and lets you reserve a car online or by phone 24/7. With over 60 Zipcars on campus, this is one of the most convenient alternatives to driving your own car, and you receive Stanford discounts. [Map of Zipcars near Escondido Village]
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car on campus. The Enterprise Rent-A-Car branch on the Stanford Campus is located at Stock Farm Garage. Stanford residents can register for $10 weeknight rentals

In addition to on-campus car sharing and car rental, refer to the Thriving at Stanford [without a car] guide to find out how to get around using transit, biking, and walking:

Do you have questions or need assistance going car free? Contact us at GoCarFree@stanford.edu.

Learn more about incentives available in the EVGR Car Free Club by referring to our recent article.

About this project

The Escondido Village Graduate Residences project will add 2,400 new beds to the available on-campus graduate housing. As part of the project, two underground parking garages will be constructed. During construction, traffic and parking impacts are expected on East Campus through 2020.

For questions about the EVGR project, contact parkingoperations@stanford.edu.