[Published Sept. 2017]

With more than 65 Zipcars on campus, it’s easier than ever to get a car when you need one at Stanford. The Zipcar fleet now includes 15 Ford Fiestas. Zipcar users can rent these cars for $5.50 per hour ($3 per hour less than the standard rate) and $55 per day.

The Ford Fiestas are located throughout campus, including Escondido Village, Hoover Pavilion, Tresidder, the Oval, and the Palo Alto Transit Center. For a map of Zipcar locations at Stanford, including the Ford Fiestas, visit Zipcar’s Stanford web page.

About Zipcar at Stanford

Stanford has the largest Zipcar program of any university, with over 65 Zipcars at over 23 locations on campus. Stanford affiliates can join Zipcar for only $15 (saving $10 off the $25 annual fee). Learn more about using Zipcar on campus at our About Zipcar at Stanford page, or join Zipcar as a Stanford community member using our Join Zipcar Now page.

For questions about Zipcar and other sustainable transportation options, contact the Commute Club at commuteclub@stanford.edu or 650.736.9923.