Parking and Transportation Services

P&TS will be closed on Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day)

Visit our office hours and holidays page for information about limited parking enforcement and limited Marguerite Shuttle service on Monday.

Spring into fitness! Active Commute. Walk. Bike. Transit.


Parking closure at Jordan Quad starts on June 13

Construction of the new ChEM-H/Neuro building will eliminate 162 spaces

Cyclist's view of Palm Drive

Spring Promotion: May is bike and walk month

Participate to receive a new commute reward each month


Stanford's First Roundabout on Campus Drive and Escondido Road

Platinum Bike Award

Stanford’s bicycle program wins Platinum for another four years.

Stanford's First Roundabout on Campus Drive and Escondido Road

Navigating campus roundabouts

As new roundabouts open on campus, remember to slow, look, yield, and proceed with caution.

Car at EV charging station

Stanford joins the Workplace Charging Challenge

The U.S. Department of Energy program is designed to encourage employers to provide electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


Tour buses: Reserve a space

All campus tours and visits that are not organized by Stanford must reserve a tour access time slot and comply with Stanford’s protocol.

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Stanford Perimeter Trail

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