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Parking & Transportation Services is your one-stop shop for transportation in and around Stanford. If you drive onto campus, we'll help you find the best place to park, and sell you a parking permit that meets your needs and budget. If you use alternative transportation to commute to campus, we can assist you in planning your commute by public transportation, finding rideshare partners, using the real-time Marguerite bus schedule, or by getting you information on the best bike routes in the area.

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Read the protocols for Pedestrian Zone Access and Golf Cart-Type Vehicles

Frequently Asked Questions about Stanford and the GUP
Answers to your questions about the university's peak trip reduction goal. (PDF, 54 KB)

Our parking citation appeal page explains how to contest a ticket received on university or hospital grounds.

Off-campus parking and transportation information for employees and departments at:
• Porter Drive Neighborhood


Commute Club Fall Promotion
Commute Club Fall Promotion

Stanford's First Roundabout on Campus Drive and Escondido Road

Marguerite Live Shuttle Map

Construction-Related Impacts

View all 6 updates, including:
  • Santa Teresa parking displacement
  • Lagunita and Roble parking lot closures
  • Lomita Drive closure