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Ridematching Services

Join Stanford’s ridematching services

It's easy to find people to share the ride with you. Simply register with one or both of our ridematching services! These services are free. There’s no obligation, so why not give it a try?

Ride from Ride.

On this page:

Carpool to work with Ride at Stanford

Ride logoUse Ride to find ridesharing partners for your commute.

Follow these three steps to a better commute:

Benefits of Ride:

If you have questions, contact

Things to note when you carpool

For one-time trips use Zimride at Stanford

Zimride - Share the RideUse Zimride to find rideshare partners for one-time trips.

Need to take a one-time trip or coordinate weekend or holiday travel? Zimride can match you with others at Stanford going the same way.

To sign up, visit and register with your,, or email address.

Have a Facebook account? Click on the “Login with Facebook” button to bypass the registration process! (Your Facebook photo will appear on your Zimride profile, but access to your Facebook account will adhere to your Facebook privacy/access settings.)

Do you have questions or need assistance? Send an email to