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Charter Services

Events for large groups may require the need for shuttle services or other transportation needs. Parking & Transportation Services offers convenient charter services at a low cost to the campus community. A variety of bus sizes are available with courteous drivers who are familiar with the Stanford campus.

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Phone: 650.724.9339

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Charter Rates FY 2014

Marguerite (16-, 28-, and 32-passenger buses)

Serves campus and surrounding communities only. Some restrictions apply.

Weekdays Weekends
Two consecutive hour minimum
Four consecutive hour minimum

Note: 16-passenger vans are only available on weekends.

Marguerite (49-passenger buses)

Serves greater bay area. Some restrictions apply.

Weekdays* Weekends
Two consecutive hour minimum
• $120/hr first two hours
• $90/hr each additional hour
Four consecutive hour minimum
• $100/hr first four hours
• $90/hr each additional hour

* Available on weekdays from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. ONLY.

Non-Marguerite Charter Services

Vehicle type Airport services
(SFO & SJC one-way)
Local trips
(Four hour minimum required)
Overnight and
long-distance trips
First four hours Additional hours
55-Seat Coach $460 - $504 $605 - $674 $103 - $118/hr Based on Mileage
47-Seat Coach $404 - $473 $572 - $609 $99 - $107/hr Based on Mileage
32-Seat Shuttle $370 - $396 $527 - $557 $92 - $99/hr Based on Mileage
24-Seat Shuttle $325 - $394 $488 - $527 $86 - $102/hr Based on Mileage
9-Seat Vans $30 - $100 $360 $90/hr Based on Mileage

Terms & conditions

No open containers of alcohol are allowed on board the bus.

No standing on moving charter buses: The California Vehicle code prohibits any passenger from standing on charter buses of any kind (including the Marguerite transit style buses) while the bus is traveling. Drivers are not allowed to begin or continue travel when passengers are standing.

Cancellations made less than 5 business days prior to the charter date may be subject to a fee. All cancellations must be processed through the website, in writing, or verbally with Charter Services (Voicemails are not valid cancellations until Charter Services confirms).

The company shall not be liable for delays caused by accidents, breakdowns, road conditions, storms and other circumstances beyond its control.

Client will be held responsible for damages incurred to the vehicle caused by the group, member of group, or any other party the group is involved with during the charter. Cleaning fees will be charged for anything not normally associated with the use of the bus. This includes but is not limited to vomit charges of $500 per incident.

Estimated prices do not necessarily reflect the final cost. Any changes in the itinerary may change the final cost of the charter. The final cost will be calculated after completion of the charter.