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Construction-Related Impacts on Campus Parking and Transportation

Latest updates (4/10/14):

For additional information, please contact parking operations at (650) 723-9362 or at

Stock Farm parking lot

Map showing Oak Road and Welch Road temporary closures

April 14 through June 13, 2014:

  • Oak Road will be closed to through traffic between Stock Farm Road and Welch Road, due to utilities construction. Refer to the Oak Road Construction Notice.

April 15 through June 10, 2014:

  • Welch Road will be open between Pasteur Drive and Oak Road to enable vehicle access to Parking Structure 5 and the Stock Farm North Lot (L-18) using a portion of Oak Road near Welch Road.
  • Welch Road will be closed to through traffic between Pasteur Drive and Campus Drive.

SESI LTHW Piping Distribution and Building Conversions

Map showing SESI LTHW Piping Distribution and Building Conversions

Stanford Energy System Innovations (SESI) will be among the most energy-efficient systems of any major research university in the world. The project involves a new replacement central energy facility, a new electrical substation, and a steam to hot water conversion process for underground piping.

  • The implementation of SESI will require significant work throughout the campus between 2012 and 2015, including the installation of more than 20 miles of hot water pipe and changes to mechanical rooms of 155 buildings.
  • As the work is completed in phases, SESI construction will impact parking and will affect vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle access throughout campus.
  • Please observe all posted signs and share the road.

Additional information is available through the following links:

Temporary lane closure on Campus Drive West

Map showing Campus Drive West temporary road closure

  • Campus Drive West has changed from two lanes in each direction to one lane in each direction between Roth Way and Palm Drive. This change is in effect through December 2014.
  • While vehicle access to all streets, buildings and parking structures along Campus Drive will not change, commuters and visitors may want to plan for alternate routes or additional time during the peak commute hours from 7 to 9 a.m. and 4 to 6 p.m. Bicyclists and pedestrians should use Palm Drive and Roth Way as alternative routes.
  • This change is necessary to accommodate work being done as part of the construction of the Anderson Gallery and of the new energy facility on the Stanford University campus.
  • Refer to the Campus Drive Temporary Road Closure Map (JPG, 710 KB)

PS-4 impacts to parking near the Medical Center

Map of parking alternatives for Parking Structure 4

Local permit parking alternatives (refer to map):

  • (1) Stock Farm lots [L-17] and [L-18]
  • (2) Parking Structure 5 [PS-5]
  • (3) Quarry lots [L-1] (not shown), [L-2], and [L-3]
  • (4) The Oval
  • (5) Roth Way
  • (6) Lasuen Street
  • (7) Museum Way

Medical Center Renewal Project

Construction related to the Stanford University Medical Center Renewal Project will impact traffic, transit service, Marguerite Shuttle service, and bicycle routes in the Medical Center area. In light of construction in the area, please observe all traffic and parking signs.

Employee Parking & Transportation Options, Effective October 31, 2012

For additional information and assistance, please use the following links:

Via Ortega / Cypress parking lot

Map of parking alternatives near Cypress lot

Parking alternatives include (refer to map):