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New Marguerite loading area at the Palo Alto Transit Center

aerial photograph of Caltrain platform showing bus stop changesA new bus loading area at the Palo Alto Transit Center will open July 5. Bus stops for Lines P, MC/MCH, and TECH will relocate to Caltrain Platform South.

A new bus stop and passenger loading area on the University Avenue circle of the Palo Alto Transit Center is scheduled to open July 5. Officially named Caltrain Platform South, the new bus loading area will increase capacity for Marguerite buses around the Caltrain platform. The following bus stop changes will go into effect July 5.

  • P: Line P buses will move from the bus depot to the new Caltrain Platform South.
  • MC/MCH: Line MC and MCH buses will arrive at and depart from Caltrain Platform South.
  • TECH: TECH buses will continue to depart from the bus depot on Mitchell Lane. The bus stop for the TECH line will move to the former stop for Line P buses, which faces the Caltrain platform. 

Please refer to our flyer for more information.  If you have questions, please contact us at


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