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Latest News

Searsville parking lot is scheduled to open on Sept. 15 with 600 parking spaces

Construction of the new Searsville parking lot is scheduled to be completed in September to accommodate hundreds of commuter and resident spaces that will be displaced on west campus. The lot will be accessible from two entrances on Searsville Road. To reach Searsville Road, take Oak Road or Campus Drive West. Map (JPG, 300 KB)

More than 600 spaces in the Searsville lot will provide parking for ‘A’ and ‘C’ commuter permit holders, ‘WE’ resident permit holders, and ‘E’ event permit holders. Additionally, the lot will feature two electric vehicle charging stations adjacent to the Central Energy Facility.

Park and bike

Bike racks will be conveniently located on the north and south sides of the lot to give commuters an option to park and bike to their destination. As a bicyclist, remember to wear a helmet for every ride, use bike lights and reflectors after dark, and follow the rules of the road.

Take the Marguerite shuttle

Stanford’s free Marguerite shuttle will provide year-round service to Searsville lot with Lines 1050A and SLAC. During the academic year, Lines N, O, OCA, and SE also will stop at the Searsville lot. Collectively, these six routes will provide service to the lot from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. (Map, 175 KB PDF) Refer to the Marguerite page for updated schedules.

Searsville lot offers a parking option for Santa Teresa residents and PS-1, PS-5, and SEQ commuters.

The new lot will provide replacement parking to west campus commuters and residents displaced along the Santa Teresa corridor due to construction. It can also provide overflow parking to commuters accessing the Science and Engineering Quad.

Commuters accustomed to parking in Parking Structure 5 (PS-5) on Stock Farm Road or Parking Structure 1 (PS-1) on Campus Drive and Roth Way may be impacted by parking changes this fall. The conversion of up to 200 commuter spaces to visitor parking in PS-1 and the reduction in assisted parking in PS-5 in September are expected to make commuter parking even more limited in PS-1, PS-5, and Stock Farm lots. The Searsville lot will provide an alternative to these commuters. Other parking options for west campus commuters include the Hoover Pavilion Parking Structure 9 (PS-9).

Refer to the Parking & Circulation Map (PDF) for these locations.

With these parking impacts, this could be a great time for west campus commuters to consider alternative transportation, and we can help! Request a free transit and/or bicycle commute plan with our do-it-yourself or custom commute planning service. You also could find a Stanford affiliate with whom to carpool or vanpool through our free ridematching service.

Have questions? For parking questions, send an email to For Marguerite shuttle questions, send an email to For bicycle questions, send an email to For alternative transportation information, send an email to

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