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Latest News

Parking closure at Jordan Quad starts on June 13

A new ChEM-H/Neuro building is set to replace the decommissioned Cardinal Cogeneration plant. Construction is set to begin on June 13 and will affect parking in the Jordan Quad Lot (L-21) [map].

Due to the construction of a new ChEM-H/Neuro building (housing Stanford Chemistry, Engineering & Medicine for Human Health and Stanford Neurosciences Institute), 162 parking spaces will be permanently removed from the Jordan Quad Parking Lot (L-21) [map] starting June 13. This will affect vehicles with the following designations:

  • ‘A’ and ‘A-Carpool' permits
  • ‘C’ and ‘C-Carpool' permits
  • ‘MC’ permits
  • Disabled placards
  • Service Vehicles
  • Carts

The ChEM-H/Neuro project will be built on the site of the old Cardinal Cogeneration plant, which was decommissioned in 2015 when it was replaced by the Stanford Energy System Innovations (SESI) project.

Remaining spaces will include some disabled parking

Approximately 20 spaces will remain on the northern end of the parking lot in front of Juniper and Oak buildings, including spaces for disabled persons. A temporary driveway from Panama Street will be constructed in early June to provide vehicular access to those parking spaces. The ramp and stairs on the east side of Juniper will not be affected by the construction.

Parking alternatives

Commuters affected by the closures at Jordan Quad lot can park in the following alternative parking locations. Please refer to a map of the area for parking locations and designations.

‘A’ permit holders

  • Via Ortega Garage
  • Stock Farm Lots (L-17) and (L-18)
  • Stock Farm Garage
  • Searsville Lot (L-22)

‘C’ permit holders

  • Stock Farm Lot (L-17)
  • Stock Farm Garage
  • Searsville Lot (L-22)

‘MC’ and Service Vehicle permit holders

  • Via Ortega Garage

In addition, Roble Field Garage, expected to open in fall 2016, will provide relief for those parking on the west side of campus. Located off of Santa Teresa Street, the new garage will provide an estimated 1,100 new parking spaces, including 'A,' 'C,' resident, and visitor spaces.

Consider a sustainable commute

As parking becomes increasingly tight on campus, commuters are encouraged to consider sustainable commute options for better health and significant savings. Stanford offers many incentives for eligible commuters, including free and discounted transportation programs.

If you have questions about sustainable commuting, please contact Commute Club at 650.723.9362 or at

For additional information on parking closures and alternatives, please contact Parking Operations at 650.723.9362 or at





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