Transportation Information & Resources for New Undergrads

Parking & Transportation Services can help you get around campus and out of town – Marguerite, bicycles, public transit, airport shuttles, bus charters, and on-campus car share and rental cars.

Marguerite Shuttle

photo of the Marguerite Shuttle
Waqas Mustafeez
  • Stanford's free Marguerite shuttles will take you nearly everywhere you need to go: to a class at the far end of campus, shopping, restaurants, transit connections, and errands.
  • The Marguerite runs five days a week year round, with additional late-night and weekend service during the academic year and limited holiday service.
  • Provides service to local shopping areas, such as the Stanford Shopping Center, the San Antonio Shopping Center, Town & Country Village, and downtown Palo Alto. Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment Guide (PDF, 114 KB)
  • Links you with California Avenue and Palo Alto Caltrain stations, where you can catch frequent buses and trains around Palo Alto and to San Francisco, San Jose, the East Bay, and other destinations.
  • Visit Marguerite Shuttle on the web for routes, schedules, and more.
  • All buses are wheelchair-accessible and have bike racks.

Need a Car or Want to Share a Ride?

Freshmen Galaan Dafa, left, and Shadi Bushra picked up a Prius reserved through Zipcar for a run to In-N-Out Burger on April 6. They coordinated the ride-share on Zimride, an Internet service that is partnering with Zipcar.
L.A. Cicero/Stanford News Service
  • Zipcar provides a convenient, self-service, on-demand car sharing program at Stanford University at reduced rates for Stanford students ages 18 and older.
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car has a branch on campus that rents to Stanford students ages 18 and older, offering hourly, daily, and weekly rentals. Their Residents Rental Program offers weeknight car rentals for only $10 for registered campus residents. Reserve in advance.
  • Airport shuttles are available through various companies not affiliated with Stanford.

Freshman Emergency Ride Home

top of taxi cab
  • Freshmen students who register for the Freshman Emergency Ride Home program are offered a "safety net" for unforeseen travel emergencies.
  • Students who find themselves stranded off-campus without a way back using existing transit alternatives can take a FREE cab ride back to campus for up to three emergency rides per year. (Each ride must be to a campus destination and within an eight-mile radius of campus. Restrictions apply.)

Bicycle Safety Program Information & Resources

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