[Published August 17, 2023]

The Center for Academic Medicine (CAM) garage, located at 453 Quarry Road, is a three-story underground parking structure with valid ‘A’ or ‘C’ permit parking available on a first come, first served basis. Visitor parking is also available on level P1 of the garage. To manage parking demand, updates have been or will be made to the following locations: Over the coming months, level 2 of the CAM Garage will be converted to all ‘A’ spaces; in Hoover Parking Garage, all staff parking levels (levels 2-6) were converted to ‘Z’ permit only. No ‘C’ permits will be allowed in this garage; in the Hoover Pavilion South Lot (Lot 1), all but 15 'A' permit spaces will transition to 'C' permit.

CAM Garage - Center for Academic Medicine - Stanford UniversityA rolling gate has been installed and will begin operating on August 28. The gate will remain open between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m. To access the garage after hours, a Stanford Medicine or Stanford University ID badge must be scanned by the card reader at the garage entry gate.

Eight electric vehicle (EV) chargers can be found on level P1. 'A' or 'C’ parking permits aren’t required while the vehicle is actively charging. A ChargePoint account is required to use the chargers and users will pay $2 per hour while connected to the charger. Patrons are advised to have an active parking permit (or pay for visitor parking) and relocate their vehicle to an appropriate commuter (or visitor) parking spot once it’s fully charged.