[Published: Aug. 22, 2019]

Over 500 SRWC employees cooled off on a hot August day with ice cream at the recent “Be Cool and Commute Sustainably” SRWC ice cream social. Celebrating SRWC commuters, the event was hosted by Stanford Transportation and SRWC Operations earlier this month.

We want to thank everyone who attended for coming and for their patience, as the popularity of the event made the lines longer than we expected and resulted in "sold out" ice cream minutes before the end of our event.

Stanford Transportation staff were on hand to answer questions and hear how the commute to SRWC is going. Most comments were positive, with many commuters saying that the commute was going well or was better than they expected.

Others shared feedback on issues ranging from the Caltrain shuttle schedule, to intercampus and commute shuttles, visitor parking, and bike infrastructure. 

We shared feedback regarding the Marguerite shuttle, and our Marguerite team asked that all commuters who have comments or suggestions about the service contact them directly, as they work on future changes to the service. They can be reached at marguerite@stanford.edu. If you have comments or suggestions for our bicycle program, please send an email to bike-information@stanford.edu.

Thank you to all the commuters who attended and shared their feedback. We appreciate hearing your comments! Please know that Stanford Transportation takes your feedback seriously and is committed to making SRWC transportation program adjustments based on data, utilization, and demand.

For answers to frequently asked questions on SRWC transportation programs, please refer to the SRWC FAQ section of our website. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us through our SRWC feedback form.

Many thanks to SRWC Operations for co-hosting the event, and to Residential & Dining Enterprises for their fun decorations and hard work scooping ice cream!