[Published May 10, 2024]

Manzanita Field Garage is scheduled to be cleaned this summer.

Parking Area

Dates of Closure for Garage Cleaning

Affected Permit Holders

Manzanita Field Garage

July 21 - July 27, 2024

‘A’, ‘C’, ‘EA’, ‘ES’, ‘EV’, ‘MC’, Visitor

All vehicles must be removed from the garage by Saturday, July 20. Vehicles remaining in the garage are subject to citation, towing at the owner's expense, or possible damage during the pressure washing. If your car is parked in Manzanita Field Garage and you’ve left for summer break, please make arrangements to have it moved before the garage closure. Consult the list below for alternatives.

Parking alternatives for ‘EA’-permit holders include:

  • Wilbur East (L-63)
  • Wilbur South (L-62)
  • Wilbur Field Garage
  • Bowdoin Street Parking
  • Cowell / Bowdoin (L-65)

Parking alternatives for ‘ES’-permit holders include:

  • Wilbur East (L-63)
  • Wilbur South (L-62)
  • Bowdoin Street Parking
  • Cowell / Bowdoin (L-65)
  • Hulme Court
  • Barnes Court
  • Abrams Court

Commuters, motorcyclists, disabled-access permit holders, and visitors should seek daily parking in other garages or surface lots.

Crews will use leaf blowers, street sweepers, high-pressure water, and steam to clean underground structures. Staff will also check that garages are up to code, including inspecting smoke detectors and sump pumps.

Reminder, Bike Cages are intended for day use only, not overnight storage. Bicycles left in cages over the break may be subject to removal and may be affected by cleaning activities. Stanford is not responsible for any loss and/or damages.

For more information about parking alternatives, please view our Parking and Circulation Map or contact parkingoperations@stanford.edu.