[Published: July 15, 2021]

Until now, Clipper cards have been the only way to tag on and off with a Caltrain Go Pass or to validate transit fares. Now, those who prefer the convenience of using their phones, can transfer their Go Passes and transit fares to the Clipper on Your Phone app

Interested in loading a Caltrain Go Pass to the app? 

To use your Go Pass on your phone, here’s what to do:

  • Be aware that the VTA SmartPass cannot be transferred to the app at this time. Once you convert your plastic card to the Clipper on Your Phone app, you will no longer be able to use your SmartPass or your plastic Clipper card for transit. 
  • If you still want to proceed, purchase a new Clipper card
  • Request a replacement Go Pass using Option 2 on our Transit Pass Replacement form. It will take three to five working days for the replacement Go Pass to be activated. Please purchase transit fare if you need to ride transit during this time.
  • Once you receive an email that your replacement Go Pass has been activated, you can transfer the plastic card you purchased to your mobile device. Visit Clipper’s site for instructions on how to transfer your Clipper card as an iPhone or Android user
  • Your Clipper card will be permanently deactivated. Transit passes cannot be loaded to this card. 
  • To use Clipper on your phone, tag your phone by holding it near a Clipper reader every time you tag on and off of transit. There's no need to open an app. Once you hear a single beep or see a green light — that means you’ve paid your fare and are good to go. If you hear three beeps or see a red light, it did not tag. You can try another reader, purchase fare, or contact Clipper (877.878.8883) to resolve the issue.
  • Be prepared to show your phone if an inspector asks to see your fare.

Please note:

  • The following cannot be used on iPhone or Android phones for fare payment:
    • Cards with a VTA SmartPass
    • Bay Area Bikeshare Clipper cards
    • Blocked cards
    • TransLink cards
    • Cards with a Gator Pass
  • Regional Transit Connection (RTC) customers can transfer their RTC cards to their phones for mobile payment, but they will need to keep their plastic cards for proof of eligibility if asked by a fare inspector.
  • Issues in Google Pay. Clipper is aware that some riders are experiencing issues making transit payments using Google Pay. Visit Clipper’s website to learn how to resolve the Google Pay issue

For more information about Clipper on your phone, please visit the Clipper website

If you have questions about your free Stanford-issued transit pass(es) on Clipper, contact us at commuteclub@stanford.edu or 650.736.9923.