[Published: Aug. 22, 2019]

Stanford Transportation encourages you, your visitors, and your vendors to pay attention to all signage for parking garages, including maximum height restrictions in garages.

In some garages, there are some significant differences in height restrictions that may prevent taller vehicles from entering some levels and not others. We recommend that you mention the heights within a garage to your visitors and vendors in advance of their arrival. Please refer to our Parking Garage Height Restrictions page for details.

Failing to pay attention to or inform your vendors could result in a serious incident. Recently, a vendor drove their van down to level P2 in the Knight Management Center Garage and almost hit a six-inch fire line. If the fire line had been hit, it would have flooded the garage.

Height restrictions appear as signage in the garage when entering the next level where height restrictions apply. Height restrictions for garages on campus are also being incorporated or updated in wayfinding signage.

If you have questions about finding parking or alternatives on campus, please contact us at parkingoperations@stanford.edu or 650.723.9362.