[Published: Sept. 27, 2021]

It’s exciting to see the main campus thrive with activity, once again, as the academic year gets underway. As students and employees return to campus, traffic and activity have picked up, please keep an eye out for and--share the road with--everyone in the Stanford community.

Whether you are a cyclist, motorist, skateboarder or scooter/mobility-device user, be alert to other road and path users, keeping your eyes, ears, and hands focused on the task at hand--getting to your destination safely! 

Take our complimentary 30-minute Share the Road webinar on Wednesday, Oct. 20, to be alert, prepared, and respectful of all road and path users.

If you’re out of practice or new to roundabouts, fear not! The webinar will cover how to navigate those circular intersections sprinkled around our campus. Roundabouts can be unfamiliar, particularly for first-time users, but studies suggest they help improve traffic flow, decrease traffic incidents and reduce carbon emissions.

Tips for motorists

  1. SLOW down when approaching the roundabout. YIELD to pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists in the roundabout at all times. It’s the law.  
  2. Once inside the roundabout, you have the right-of-way over other motorists and cyclists who are waiting to enter the roundabout. 
  3. When you are ready to exit, signal to alert motorists and cyclists of your desired exit. Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks as you exit. 

Tips for cyclists to ride in the roundabout

  1. SLOW down when approaching the roundabout. Yield to pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles already in the roundabout.
  2. When entering the roundabout, go to your right and continue in the roundabout by “taking the lane” (riding in the center of the lane). Vehicles and cyclists have the right-of-way when they are in the roundabout until it is time to exit. Do not pass vehicles or other cyclists while in the roundabout. 
  3. As you approach your desired exit, use hand signals to identify the direction you plan to exit. Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks as you exit. 

Tips for cyclists using crosswalks

  1. SLOW down when approaching the roundabout and dismount from your bike. 
  2. Be alert to vehicles and cyclists entering and exiting the roundabout.
  3. When safe and clear, WALK--don’t ride--in the crossWALK.

Visit our “Get Around Safely” page, which features interactive videos and even a make-your-own bookmark to help you master roundabouts!  

Bike Resources

Biking is a great way to commute to campus and the fastest way to get around once you’re here. 

Additional Resources for Students

  • If you’re a member of the Class of 2025, don’t forget to sign up for the Bike Safety Training on Wednesday, Oct. 6, at Maples Lot. Get the scoop on rules of the road, signaling turns and more. Complimentary bike safety checks, too.

Want tips on getting around campus and the Bay Area? We put together this “Getting Around Campus: Students” article with you in mind.