[Published: Sept. 27, 2021]

The campus community has transitioned to purchasing visitor parking using ParkMobile at both the main campus and Stanford Redwood City. While some have embraced the virtual visitor parking process, others let us know they aren’t comfortable using the app.

Today, we are pleased to announce that ParkMobile has made it easier for visitors to purchase parking without downloading the app or setting up an account. They call it “Zone Parking,” and all you need is a browser and your parking space zone number to get started.

The zone number is prominently displayed on the green ParkMobile signs in visitor parking areas. It's also available on the ParkMobile Zone Number page of our website.

Whether you use the app, website, or text “PARK” to 77223, here's how it works:

Steps to purchase visitor parking

We offer resources to help Stanford visitors purchase visitor parking:

The app or account saves time

Zone Parking still requires entering payment information at the time of purchase, so those who are comfortable using the app may want to continue or start using it for greater convenience.

Even those who use Zone Parking without the app may want to set up an account to avoid entering payment information upon arrival. 

What are the advantages of virtual visitor parking?

Whether you use Zone Parking or the ParkMobile app, there are advantages to virtual visitor parking, which we hope will make it a better customer experience in the long run: 

  • Receive confirmation and alert messages via email and the option to receive text messages.
  • Instantly extend your parking time from your phone. The ParkMobile app sends you alerts when your parking session is about to expire, making it easy to extend time right from your phone without running back to a meter.
  • Only be charged during enforcement hours. Customers used to pay for parking even at times when there wasn’t enforcement. This doesn’t happen to visitors now, because ParkMobile has Stanford's parking enforcement hours in its system, so you will only be charged parking fees during enforcement hours. 

Our office is committed to meeting the needs of the Stanford community, including visitors. If there is more we can do to improve your visitor parking experience or those of your guests, please let us know.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at transportation@stanford.edu or 650.723.9362.